About Jeanne Gregg, LCSW, CCTP

IMG_1297 (3)Jeanne has over 25 years of experience working in mental health in both the public and private sector.  She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and she provides an array of services with a special emphasis on trauma. There are many kinds of trauma, including developmental trauma, which means growing up in a tough, non-nurturing or punishing environment. Some clinicians call this “little t” trauma, though we know it is not minor or little, rather it is the kind of trauma that is the result of being raised in an environment that is neglectful, critical and lacking in love and nourishment. Jeanne also works with physical and sexual abuse trauma survivors and she is trained in EMDR.

Trauma counseling is a combination of stabilization, skills training, processing and re-integration. Since trauma is a total body experience and is remembered in the body itself, mindfulness and movement are core elements of the treatment. It is essential that individuals feel safe and able to self-regulate before trauma processing begins so a great deal of time is spent ensuring that individuals have the skills to help themselves feel safe before we proceed. One size does not fit all so I will work with you to see what works best to address your needs.